It's All Good

Natural Cream Deodorant - Lemon and Bergamot


It's All Good

Natural Cream Deodorant - Lemon and Bergamot


100% Natural & Organic Deodorant

Formulated for active people.

  • Eliminates the bacteria that causes the smell of sweat.
  • Detoxes toxins build-up.
  • Doesn't block your sweat glands. 
  • Absorbs some moisture when sweating. 
  • Promotes healthy and nourished skin. 
  • Effectively lasts for up to 36 hours (perfect for long flights).
  • Minimum quantities needed for an application. 
  • Doesn't stain your clothes. 
  • Lightly scented with certified organic essential oils.
  • 100% natural, pure & ethically sourced organic ingredients.
  • Organic. Aluminium-Free. Vegan. NZ made

Ingredients: Organic butters of Shea and Coconut, Arrowroot, Sodium Bicarbonate. Lemon and Bergamot Essential Oils. Packed in recyclable and reusable metal containers.

Apply a pea-sized amount on clean, dry skin with fingertips. Rub in well. Store in a cool, dry place. Based on customers reviews, one 30gm container can last up to 4 months and one 130gm container can last up to 24 months for one person if used properly. Shelf life - 2 years.

Sizes available: 30gm and 130gm. 

"I LOVE your deodorant! It is the best thing I have ever used!!! I will not use anything else now!" Avalon Helieur
"The lemon and bergamot Deodorant is amazing!! Best natural Deodorant I've found!!" Hannah Green.


Organic Shea Butter: Protects, moisturises & nourishes

Organic Coconut Oil: Moisturises & offers antibacterial properties

Arrowroot: Is light, soft & absorbent

Sodium Bicarbonate: Offers antibacterial properties to inhibit odours

Organic Lemon & Bergamot Pure Essential Oil: Inhibits bacterial growth, offers anti-inflammatory effects, improves skin health and provides a gentle, pure scent.

It's All Good skincare products are made by a natural care specialist. Each product is formulated to be 100% Natural & Pure, free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, SLS, gluten, dairy and soy.