Tier For Teens

Our TIER FOR TEENS range is jam packed with herbs - white willow, chamomille, hibiscus, comfrey, sage, rosemary, calendula, liquorice etc etc - all recognized through history for their ability to fight inflammation, bacteria and infection. We make herbal infusions, add botanical extracts, vitamins, aloe and essential oil blends to heal and promote healthy skin. Our unique formulations have been developed in house, we use no premade bases and we make everything ourselves in small numbered batches to ensure freshness and quality.

It's a fabulous, effective, natural and non-toxic range developed specifically for teenage skin. Research suggests 60% plus of what goes on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream and we are delighted to be offering a healthy, natural alternative to chemically based products that can dry the skin and mess with the body. Our team of teenage 'ambassadors' and 'testers' have all loved the range - our favorite quote to date 'MY SKIN FEELS LIKE SKIN AGAIN'.