The Sage Apothecary

At The Sage Apothecary, we take our wisdom from Mother Nature. We’re
proud to say that this is nothing new. After all, plants have likely been
used in herbal medicine since before history was ever recorded. There’s
hard evidence that they were used by the Egyptians, too. And let’s face
it, Cleopatra had it goin’ on. At The Sage Apothecary we have a few rules by which we live – not only do we never test on animals but we only use the highest quality, natural ingredients. And, what you see on the ingredients list is what you get. No sneaky, undeclared parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals, sulphates, additives or fragrances hiding here or there…we  believe in 100% transparency. All of our products are only ever produced in small batches – they are naturally-handcrafted right here in New Zealand using artisan and traditional herbal methods