Tankis Natural Deodorant

No aluminium, no parabens, no harsh chemicals, not tested on animals, all natural products, made in NZ!

The name TANKIS originates from the  Rugby League player and coach Tank Gordon who was literally a brick shit-house and dominate force in the game, but more importantly a great father to his kids and who’s essence we would like to live on in a bloody awesome product like TANKIS Deodorants.

TANKIS was started with the purpose to provide a completely natural deodorant to keep those pits fresh and the body free from any long-term damage from all of the nasties found in most common deodorants and antiperspirants.

We also realised that our deodorant couldn’t cost the world and actually needed to work. Not just some fragranced hippie butter that did little to prevent the oncoming force of BO and leave you feeling pretty shamed out in front of your mates and nothing to upload to social media without the hashtag #stinkfella

After some experimenting and a little bit of trial and error, we were able to bring out a product that we could truly stand behind and really add that Kiwi flavour too.

We want to be the number one player in New Zealand for natural grooming products and change the way that our beautiful country looks at putting such harmful chemicals on our skin, from our little young bucks to the seasoned Koro’s.