So Simple Skincare

Natural Skin Care Products Freshly Handmade in NZ.

If you love great products that are as fun as they are good for you then you are going to love us.

Before the big cosmetics companies took over, women often invented their own beauty aids. The women of the past still looked amazing, but when they wanted a beauty treatment, they were more likely to take a visit to the kitchen, than they were to take a trip to the pharmacy or a beauty salon.  

Ancient women around the world knew surprisingly much about beauty. After all, a Chinese empress had flawless porcelain skin thousands of years before serums have been invented, and a Japanese geisha knew how to cleanse her glowing complexion without the help of modern bubble cleansers.  

What is it that these women knew about beauty that we are missing? No doubt, they relied on what nature provided. Nature gives us everything we need to look and feel beautiful.

Then we went in search and found some effective and fun ancient beauty formulas that are worth holding on to.  

Our initial goal was to create a super-simple, results-oriented and natural skincare routine that felt like a luxurious experience without the use of any fillers or nasty ingredients.

Therefore, we decided to base our products on amazing old beauty secrets from around the world. After enormous efforts and lots of fun putting everything together, SoSimple Skincare was finally born.

We are giving old beauty recipes that are time-tested and proven effective a modern twist, using the simplest possible blends of whole, high-potency ingredients to create products that truly work.

At SoSimple we believe simplicity improves quality. Simple, safe and effective skincare routine with handcrafted products made with quality ingredients is our focus.

We provide you with a great starting point to cleanse, tone, hydrate and pamper your skin, all while keeping our eye on what really works without unnecessary fillers and toxic ingredients.

The line is free from animal testing, parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, phthalates and other toxic ingredients.

All our products are lovingly handmade and packaged on the day of your order in our dedicated workshop, so you can be sure to receive the freshest product possible.