RoVie Cosmetics

RoVie Cosmetics are free of fillers, Bismuth Oxychloride (an ingredient which is an irritant for many as well as causing a shinier, less natural look), lakes, preservatives, dyes and carmines (colourants.) A TRUE mineral makeup.

No Nano-Particles! Manufactured under EU guidelines (toughest guidelines in the world.) We mix science with nature and beautiful ingredients and finish it off with pretty but minimal packaging all for your enjoyment.

Our foundations are beautiful, they create a flawless finish without settling into wrinkles (if of course you have any!) or lines and even out skin tone and imperfections without obviously doing so. A pot will last easily 4 months with daily use.
Our eyeshadows are amazing! I have used mineral makeup for years now and (I maybe biased) I think these are the best out there. Vibrant, don't disappear and true to life they are simply awesome. A pot will last at least a year with daily use.

We believe in great customer service, sensational products, being as environmentally responsible as possible (we are certified Climate Neutral) and integrity in our business dealings.

Proudly 100% cruelty free!!