Raw Nature Body

Raw Nature Body was created to help my teenagers. I couldn't find any natural  deodorants that had staying power and that were suitable for their young sensitive skin. I was not happy with conventional deodorants that just blocked their pores and made them smell worse, and everything came in plastic packaging. That’s where the idea for the deodorant disks came from.

I get loads of comments from parents of teenagers that use the Disks saying that they smell pretty good now and I take that as a massive compliment.

The creation of the other products, such as the rash balm, bug bar and body bars came about from the needs and requests of family and friends.

We wanted to create an environmentally friendly packaged 100% natural product that doesn't need clever chemicals or colours to prove it works. Our products DO work! We don't use animal by-products such as tallow or lard. We don't test on animals just very willing humans and we try to use only organic ingredients where possible. Our products do NOT contain petroleum based chemicals (mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin) or chemical preservatives (parabens, urea), stabilisers, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Wow - what a load of junk we have to put up with!

Our products are made in small batches with no synthetic preservatives or additives and can't sit on a store shelf for years and years. Remember 0% Nasties!

 Raw Nature Body products are a need to have; they are full of good stuff and last ages, so real value for money without scrimping on quality.  Nicola x