Certified Organic Skincare


Every Plantae product contains something close to our hearts, and it's not just the carefully selected and sourced ingredients, or the special way they are blending: it's our unabiding love affair with the plant kingdom!

Organic farming products the purest, most vital, nutrient dense ingredients possible, and organic certification is the only guarantee available to consumers today, that every part of the process from growing, harvesting and the extraction of ingredients, to the manufacturing of the final product itself - is free from all harmful contaminants.

We cherish integrity beyond measure, so we chose the highest standard there is, certifying our entire range with BioGro - New Zealand's leading organic certifying authority.

Rigorous independent scientific tests reveal that Plantae products significantly increase the production of fibroblasts, important skin cells secrete collagen, elastin and hualuronic acid which keep skin smooth, supple and youthful.

Certified Organic