Millstream Gardens

Started by Nature, Finished by Hand

Geoff & Jan Speeden have been living & working at Millstream Gardens for over thirty years. Originally they had a large herb plant nursery, but over the years, the demand for their ointments meant that they could choose to concentrate on cropping herb plants, & manufacturing remedies.
Their land is managed organically, (although not certified,) and provides nearly all their herbal needs. It is seasonal work with a familiar cycle of planting, weeding & harvesting leaves, flowers, bark and roots at the appropriate times of year.
The main process used is ‘maceration’ which gently infuses the nutrients from the plant material into Hawke’s Bay grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These oils are mixed with local beeswax to form simple but very effective ointments. Some recipes also mix herbal tisanes & tinctures with oil, these use emulsifiers to blend the two, much like making mayonnaise! Essential oils are sourced through a local Hawke’s Bay company.

All ingredients are listed on the labels, proportionally from most to least, so you know exactly what you & your family are putting onto your skin. The aim at Millstream is to provide natural remedies at an affordable price, using as many organic and/or locally grown ingredients as possible. Packaging is kept simple and recyclable.