Little Botanics

Little Botanics is a range of organic and vegan skincare made with New Zealand botanical ingredients specially designed for mum and baby. Our organic balms and body oils use the best performing and healthiest ingredients for your skin.

Free from bee products, gluten, dairy, nuts & nasty chemicals.

We created Little Botanics to fulfill our big dreams: to bring nature care into each child so they can thrive and recover without any chemicals and nasty ingredients.

Mother Nature knows best!

We believe in the power of nature, in the love connection between mother and baby, of children exploring outdoors, discovering the little animals, feeling the wind on their faces, laughing, chasing each other, jumping in a muddy puddle, feeling the cold water streaming in a creek…

Adriana Branco
– Little Botanics Founder

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, Herbal and Crystal lover and forever student of natural health and wellbeing practices.