Spa + Body Home Treatments

Did you know your skin absorbs everything you put on it ?

Koko believe in beautiful skin care & beauty products that are made with 100% all natural & quality ingredients, without toxins/chemicals or preservatives. Lets face it, who’s wants to be putting that stuff on your skin!

We are natural, vegan, cruelty free, chemical and preservative FREE ! But, how no preservatives you ask ? Our products are made FRESH to order, we don’t use any water to thin out our products & each ingredient has a long shelf life. We use raw ingredients including; Coconut oil, Himalayan Salt & Clay. Full of vitamins & nutrients to be the best food absorbed by your skin & hair. Mother nature’s natural goodness!

We also believe in minimum packaging, without fancy labels to minimize cost & waste. Handcrafted & Made with love!

We are proudly 100% NZ owned & operated, with our ingredients sourced from all NZ suppliers – supporting small NZ businesses.