Goodbye Nits

Dealing with headlice and nits for the first time is a rite of passage, just like chicken pox and that first tummy bug. Your children will always find ways to challenge you to grow a little more, whether they know it or not!

Dealing with nits more than once is just plain annoying. Especially if you don’t know if it’s because the product you are using is not really doing the job, OR your child keeps picking them up at the classroom. Either way, you are faced with the reality that you are STILL dealing with them.

We believe getting rid of headlice and nits can be drama-freeOur vision is to give you the resources, perspective and even humour to make your headlice experience drama-free. More than drama-free, what we hope is that the experience is one that your child remembers because you did such an amazing, caring job.

Could you actually make it fun? You might feel like growling right now… FUN???? Yes, we think so.

Even if you don’t have Goodbye Nits, slide on over to drama-free treatment for headlice and nits, you can get started straight away.

Here’s to you and your child’s drama-free passage through headlice and nits.