Why you should choose natural/organic skincare!

  • Why you should choose natural/organic skincare!
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Why you should choose natural/organic skincare!

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. It is also an extremely absorbent organ - anything you rub on your skin is going to be absorbed straight into your system. That is why it is so important to become aware of what is in your cosmetics and skin products.

Many of the beauty, health and skin products available on the market today are full of toxic chemicals that can mess with your hormones, and can also cause a wide variety of illnesses.

These chemicals are not only reaping havoc on your health but they are being washed down the drain and into the ocean and are impacting the health and environment of our marine and wildlife.

By using natural products on your skin you are introducing essential nutrients that will heal, nourish, soothe and treat skin that has been exposed to nasty chemicals. Plant based ingredients have been used historically, all over the world, as beauty ingredients. To achieve longevity and clarity of the bodily system both inside and out opt for pure, organic and natural options.

Our website has a range of different NZ made, natural and organic products to ensure you are treating yourselves and your family the way you should.

They are all also cruelty free!

Be kind to yourself, your loved ones, the environment and our animals and go 100 % natural.

Most concerning chemicals found in many commercial products.

BHA and BHT – Most likely found in moisturisers and skin make-up as it is used as a preservative. It can disrupt the body’s endocrine system leading to hormone imbalances.

Coal tar dyes/ Colourings (CI) – Used in hair dyes and mascara can be toxic to the brain.

DEA-related ingredients – Used in foamy products like cleansers, body washes and shampoos. Suceptible to reacting and creating nitrosones which may be cancer causing 

Dibutyl phthalate – Used in some nail care products. Can disrupt the endocrine system and puts a burden on the reproductive system

Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (DMDM Hydantoin/ diazolidinyl urea/ methenamine) – Can cause cancer

Parabens - Commonly used in cosmetics. Can disrupt the endocrine system.

Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance) - Can cause allergies and asthma and has recently been linked to cancer and neurotoxicity.

Petrolatum – Used to add gloss to products as such as lip balms, lip sticks, moisturisers and oils. Can be linked to cancer.

Siloxanes – Used in cosmetics for its smoothing effect . Can disrupt the endocrine system and affect mood, fertility and the immune system.

Sodium laureth sulfate – Used to create the foaming consistency in Shampoos, cleansers, body washes etc. Causes skin irritations and can disrupt the endocrine system.

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